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I just ran across this back yard pool made of pallets held together with some big ratchet straps.    

It instantly had me thinking that it may be useful for  helping hold water tanks together.   anyone ever experiment with them?   I'm so space limited that turning the 2x4's on edge and assisting them with a few straps may be beneficial.      

Of course if his pool fails he's out $80 and has a muddy spot for a few days.   if my tank fails my basement is flooded...


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I love the pool idea!!!! While I think straps could effectively hold the water in a tank, I can't think of any reason it would be practical. In your case you have a space issue. You may want to consider using hardwood for your frame as it would be stronger than 2x4 pine. Metal channels would be even stronger yet.

Greg in MN

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The metal strapping used on wooden crates might also be an option although it requires a special tool. Not sure how the strength of each compares.
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Jamie, if you are space-limited, have you considered using 240-liter plastic wheely-bins: they have a tallish aspect ratio and not much envelope lost to wall thickness.  They are CHEAP and most importantly, self-carrying (so would not need to touch your house structure...)  A multidrum storage could also be built, along the lines of... this


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