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This is an attempt to catalog various radiator types available in various parts of the world...

Starting off with locally available radiators commonly found in France...

Basically they fall into two categories: "fluid filled" and "central heating".

  • A fluid-filled radiator employs a mix that is generally oil and water.  This is heated electrically by an onboard element.  Mains electricity is 220 volts and 50 Hz.  Radiator is classified by "power" in kilowatts.  Common sizes go from 500 watts to 2 kW.  Smart radiators have an onboard logic allowing them to be programmed from a room thermostat and a day/night peak/off-peak clock; they can be standalone units, or connected to work in common with other radiators in other rooms, on a "master/slave principle".
  • Fluid-filled radiators employ a massive structure for thermal inertia, so they are generally made from cast steel or aluminium.  Various formats & sizes available: such as:
[image]    1.5 kW, 290 E[image]  1kW, basic,  120 E      [image]1kW Dry Heat cost 220 E

  • A "central heating" radiator is generally filled with water, heated at a central boiler.
  • Power is rated in kW and is based on the volume of hot water x the water temperature range.
  • Commonly distinguished as "panel" type and "column" type."
[image]Single steel panel convector radiator, 400Watts, 20 E, dimensions 1000 x 600 mm
[45008] 1200-watt vertical steel flat column, 190E       [image]1200 watt extruded aluminum, 195 E

to be continued


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Hello, I found this information very helpful as i was researching about radiator types and I still want to know about single panel radiators.
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