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I am in the middle of a remodel of my basement which is heated with hydronic baseboard heat.  I would like to get rid of the baseboard heaters and am considering radiant walls instead.  What I would do is construct radiant walls very much like a staple down radiant floor.  Does anyone have experience with radiant walls?  Anyone want to share their thoughts on the idea of replacing the baseboard heaters with radiant walls?


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There are some examples on the BuildItSolar site:


Both temperature rise and airflow are integral to comparing hot air collectors

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I realize looking at my original post that I should have been more specific.  Is anyone aware of calculations which would help determine the answer to this question:  How many square feet of radiant wall is required to replace Y linear feet of baseboard radiator to maintain similar thermal performance?


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Your question may not have an easy answer. You have to know the BTU output of the given baseboard units and compare that to a DIY radiant wall, which could have several variables, depending on the actual build and supply heat. Another thing to consider is that baseboard heating is usually placed on the exterior wall, whereas most of the radiant wall installs are mounted to interior walls. This tends to make the radiant wall heat more concentrated, while the baseboard units spread the heat over a larger area, and might not feel as warm for the same BTU output. 

Greg in MN

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