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I was anxious to get my solar collector up and running and so I just painted some surplus metal framed metal window screens and put those in my collector box.  They are working but they are random sizes and don't really fit correctly in the box. Now I'd like to carefully make a double layer screen that is custom built to fit exactly in my collector but I'm not quite sure what the best positioning should be for my angled collector design.  Would it be best to stop just under the upper ports (image #1) so that the air has to be drawn through the screen? Would it be better to run the screens all the way to the top (image #2) past the warm air thru-wall ports at the top? 

solar-heater-screen1.jpg  solar-heater-screen2.jpg 


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Double screen collectors built here in the past, have the screen all the way to the top(second drawing). With the bottom of the screen pulled in away from the glazing, with the incoming cool air routed between the screen and glazing at the bottom. The cool air against the glazing will loose less heat than the heated air would like in your first drawing.

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