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Hello and thanks I've really enjoyed. I know Scott used PVC how long will it hold up in the sun? Will cpvc hold up better? Last if cpvc holds up to 200 how can we maintain so the tempeture does not excede 200? Thanks


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Normally the piping would be covered by fins or painted black which should protect it from the sun (UV light). CPVC has a higher temperature rating than PVC but folks have had problems with it deforming in collectors.
Both temperature rise and airflow are integral to comparing hot air collectors

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Temperature and deformity=copper=cost significantly MORE, however it will retain the shape as designed and will never sag if place in horizontal position.  Beside the cost it takes time to solder but once the first set is in the groove everything will follow and fit like a glove... I went from regular pvc/painted, then black 1/2 in. tube for irrigation (cpvc?), and then finally scrap everything and went with copper and no issue for the last four years...just switching to the design of the parallel header probably will be the final sketch.
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