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As I was discussing in the other thread about a new system install, question I have now Is should I be worried about production guarantees?
Some say they provide production guarantees and if it does not perform as mentioned in the contract they will credit me the difference.
I got a very good price for a system that would most likely cover almost 100% of my electricity usage but the contract says very clearly that they would not provide production guarantees.
Others who spell out the production guarantees are a little higher in price but not very much. 25k vs 27k
What is the experience of those who already have the system and should I be worried about production guarantees or just forget and take it on myself?


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Hi bhavin66,
  I have researched a lot of solar projects before I built my own ZPDP collector to simply heat air for the house. I found that it was the only cost effective method of using small scale solar.  PV is not effective in any way for the small home producer at this time. Please see the link below.   Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "deep dive into the data". 

There is an excellent evaluation of the costs related to owning a PV system and the major problems you should expect to encounter.  The most telling factor (under lab conditions)  I saw was  a probable pay back of from 37 to 41 years for fixed collectors. Of the four US vendors, all are in some type of insolvency or bankruptcy within a couple of years of system  purchase.

Most all panels had some warranty problem within the first couple of year of purchase. These are closely monitored panels and the problems were quickly detected. A homeowner would most likely not detect most problems that soon and not have the ability to resolve them.  This would be especially true if the company is bankrupt in a few years.

Large scale utilities have major advantage but then they are not really generous with payback information. The government rebates will be decreasing to I think to zero in the year 2020.



I am really sorry to let you know that by any measure of the imagination this is not a good project. I love the conversion of solar energy in to a useful forms.  This blog is centered around the DIY builder. Commercial purchased air heating equipment  in my opinion may not even have a good payback because of the upfront costs. 

Good Luck!!     Jim from IL

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