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Le Bear

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 I looked for an introductions thread but didn't see one anywhere, but as was stated, I'm a newbie here.
My primary concerns were in working lights and small appliances, but I've seen you folks have discussions on much more than simply that, which seems also would be interesting and helpful. The only solar items I've ever even owned were a dandy little solar pocket calculator I swept up off the floor while cleaning out a warehouse circa 1988, and two small yard lights from Walmart circa late 2018. Several years ago I collected a few computer battery backup units doing a clean-up, and learned they could be charged by solar means, so I've saved them to possibly use in some manner.
 I'm considering building a little shack in the middle of nowhere, with all the basic amenities, including a water well of course, and am looking for ways to solar power the project, so am hoping to learn what is possible in the time there is between now, and then. I'll also be looking for the proper place to start that thread.
 I'm happy to meet you folks, and hope our conversations will be beneficial to all 😉


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Welcome, don't be afraid to ask questions, but replies may be a bit slow sometimes. Look around http://www.builditsolar.com for inspiration, lots of DIY solar there. Here are my pages there- 

Go Solar!
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