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Mud Dawg

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Originally Posted by FloridaSolarDesignGroup

The requirements and thought process is different in other climates, so you may wish to get some opinions that apply to your neck of the woods.

Thanks for the info...and making me jealous...LOL.  10-12 month of swimming, hahaha, we'd be very happy to even get 5.

EDIT:  Generally what's the expected life span out of these flat panels? And you mentioned they drain back easier? I guess in the winter time you'd blow compressed air through them?

Mud Dawg

Posts: 7
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Originally Posted by SolarInterested

There are links to Solar Pool Heating Collector Sizing Calculators at 
Scroll down to the bottom of "Solar Pool Heating Basics"

Thanks for the link.  I figured I'd definitely need more surface area that expected at first, but it's dooable.


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If you keep your pipes on the roof in a closed loop system your dc recirculation pump will not have to over come head pressure just resistances. Just make sure you keep the intake and discharge under water prime the pipe with city pressure water the once you removed all the air turn in your dc pump and bam you are in business.
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