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Hi, Since I am very satisfied with the heat gain of my sunspace, and because I have one radiator in my living room that I am keeping it always closed, I am thinking to make a new collector to heat water and distribute it to the unused radiator and if aretha is too "productive", i may later replace radiator with a fan coil. I have almost decided to make a Aretha type collector to heat water, due to the simplicity, relatively good efficiency and also because I have a spare car radiator. The winters are not very severe in my place , so I am thinking to make a close loop solar thermal system. I had many questions for the Aretha that Willie answer most of them, but I have one for the closed loop that I can find an answer. The most expensive part of the close loop system I can source locally, is the circulator. I found in eBay cheap circulators , like this one https://www.ebay.com/itm/12V-Solar-Hot-Water-Pump-Circulation-High-Quality-Food-Grade-212-F-w-Coupler/381005463497?hash=item58b5b1ffc9:g:vnAAAOSwq7JUIoLW Since it will be a close loop system, the circulator don't need to be big , but I don't know how reliable are similar to the above circulators! Did anybody use one ,like the above ?


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That pump should do well, it's about the same as I use and about the same price. If it works for you order a spare. You CAN burn them out.

What are you planning to power it with, an ac/dc supply or solar?

Willie, Tampa Bay
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