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Hi, I hope this is the correct forum/thread.
I am planning to install solar system but not sure what capacity of solar inverter I should use for the pansonic 330W panels with power optimizers.
my contractor says my usage is 5600kwH so solaredge SE3800H-US is sufficient, which will offset 95% of my electricity bill.   But, in the future if I need to add more than 3 panels, I will need to upgrade my inverter to 7600H.
Should I install the 7600H now for $2000 more (minus 30% tax credit)?
If yes, should I also install battery inverter for $1000 more (minus 30% tax credit) to have the entire system battery-ready?  I am not planning to install battery today but may in the future.
my thinking is that the price of inverter might come down, so no reason to go with 7600H now, and the fact that battery technology may be different, no reason to add battery inverter now.
I don't anticipate that my energy use will increase the next several years, but our utility company will switch us over to net metering 2.0 once I switch over to solar with peak hours between 4pm to 9pm.
what would be your advice?
thank you in advance.


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Hi welcome to the forum!
If you get the larger inverter now, it'll save you the cost of the smaller one, and the labor of changing them. Prices may come down, but maybe not that much.
An alternative would be to buy the small inverter, and when time comes to expand, install a second inverter with the new panels on their own circuit. This will allow you to choose different panels if need be, and if there is a failure you'll still have half your system. However there may be more wiring costs. Do the math.

As to the battery inverter, if it's a separate system I think I'd wait, for the reasons you mentioned. Again, do the math.

That's just me, what does your installer say? He has more experience.

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay

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thanks willie. contractor didn't mention about going with bigger inverter until i asked. then he said it would be a good idea so I am not sure if he's just trying to be agreeable. 
thanks again.
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