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Hello [smile],

First of all I would like to tell you that I’m a new member so I don’t have much experience in this field. Recently I have quite frustrating electricity bills in my company. I have read about solar panels and I think they can work and help me with my problem. It’s a quite expensive investment but it’s investment in the future.


So to the point..

The average electricity consumption of my company is about 7KW. Besides light bulbs, we have a lot of computers, air conditioning, microwaves etc. So I need let’s say 10 KW.

I’ve been searching for some kind of "exemplary" installation and I found this:


They have solar panels from Ubiquiti Networks. They also provide some test but I’m not so experienced as I wrote on the beginning. In addition they did it by themselves so the assembly costs are none.

There are my questions:

1. Are solar panels from Ubiquiti Networks a good option? The same question about equipment needed to make them work. Maybe you know this manufacturer?


(these are panels)

(some eq they used)

2. Here I found some specs of the panels on this site so you don’t have to search


3. What do you think about their installation (I mean the first link)? Is it proper, right? Or there is something I can improve in my installation on their basis.

4. Can you write something of their tests?

5. Is it better to install the solar system by myself or not?


I would be very glad to discuss this topic with you. I’m waiting for responses and I’m sorry if I put the topic in the wrong subsection.

Best Regards


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Welcome.. Are you from Czestochowa, Poland, which seems to be the home of anteny.24 ?

Ubiquiti is a long standing networking company, I'm not sure if they 'own' sunmax, but the sunmax site is copyright ubiquity networks so I guess so.

Personally I have no experience of the sunmax equipment, but in a world where manufacturers come and go they seem to have been around for quite a while, so if they are selling into your market, then my guess is that it is a solid product line.

Now, should you install it yourself..? If you understand how panels, cables, inverters, the gateway etc logically work together, and are happy to do the electrical hookups and mechanical mounting of racks, panels etc, then it isn't rocket science, but for a first install, I'd say get an installer to install a minimal system, say a couple of panels with inverter(s) and the gateway, and see how it all goes together and how it works.  Tell them that you may be contemplating extending it later, so they leave space/plan for more panels in their original layout.

Then later you can decide whether to hire them to add more, or if you can do it yourself.  Certainly a DIY install can save money!

Cheers from Canada,


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Hi [smile]

Yes I'm from Częstochowa and company anteny.24 is also from my city. I was talking with their traders and they provided me offer. I asked for 5KW and they told me that it would cost me 27'500 PLN which is about 7'370 $. Does anyone know any better option? Better price? Or it is just fair and reasonable?

Best Regards


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It is hard to say if that price is 'fair' without a bit more detail. Does that include installation (racks, roof/ground mounts etc, all cabling, electrical, permitting and internet interface etc. Or is it just for the equipment?
Rick H Parker

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Posts: 808
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"I asked for 5KW and they told me that it would cost me 27'500 PLN which is about 7'370 $. Does anyone know any better option? Better price? Or it is just fair and reasonable?"

5000W for $7,370 is $0.68 per watt, a low price. If its a good buy, depends on the details.

Rick H Parker
Kansas, USA
Electronics Engineering Technologist

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Hi guys, 

First of all thanks for your support. The price- 27'500 PLN which is about 7'370 $ is approximate one because it depends on how I would like to mount my solar panels- horizontally or vertically (lenghts of cables, number of trim skirts, etc is taken under consideration). The price includes for sure:

1. Solar panels- 1m x 1,70 m

2. Needed equipment:

gateway pico
- mounting assembly
- panel connectors
- microinverters
- cables
- various connectors
- support clips
- trim skirts etc.

The price doesn't include solar installation.

Best Regards

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I also got exemplary valuation of 3kw installation:

solary 3kw.png 

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