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I like the idea of vent fans to cool an overheated collector. You could also put them on a snap switch to make it automatic.
Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay


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pdf solar stand.pdf     

The weather is horrible and I am stuck inside doing drawings.
This is a pdf of the stand I am building, this will be on the East side of my house next to the garage where the electric water heater/storage tank and heat exchanger are located. I first put the collector on the house's metal roof facing South but it is too hard to work on. Any time I go onto the roof of the house I have to bring out ropes and a harness. The roof is very slick. If it has rained recently you can walk on it with good clean tennis shoes, if not it is total ropes and harness. 6/12 pitch, not overly steep... just slick.
The drawing is my 10' tall stand and collector that will be mounted to the swing arms and swung up on top. There will be more bracing that is not shown on the drawing


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Parts ordered for monitoring collector temperature. The Inkbird cooling and heating 2 relay panel mount 120vac thermostat. I will monitor the relays with the plc. Heating mode will close the relay as temp falls below setpoint meaning heat is needed. I will set the heat setpoint to around 80 f. when the relay opens I will know the collector is at least 80f. I can turn on the collector circ. pump. In cooling mode I will have the setpoint at 130 to 150 f. The relay will close and I will turn on the stagnation fan. The temperature sensor can have wire added to make it as long as needed, instructions say to use ice water and boiling water to check calibration. 

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