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I know we are a solar site, but we all like to save money and resources.  I came across this video that shows how to add a misting system to your A/C compressor to pre-cool the air.

A/C pros have dissed the idea in the comments for various reasons (corrosion, freezing, etc) but in practicality, with a chlorine filter and using your A/C in only truly hot weather (well insulated house should only need it when it's very hot) this seems like a pretty cool (pun intended) idea.

What do you all think?

Denver, CO

Double screen hot air collector


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I've seen a couple of these videos on Youtube, so I played with it a little last year. Let the thing run for a while to get to a relatively steady state, checked the power usage. In my case around 4kw. Put a light misting into the coils and checked the power use again. My non-scientific experiment showed the power usage dropped to about 3.7kw. I didn't check, but I'm going to guess that just protecting the unit from direct sunlight would obtain almost the same savings. I'll do that this year if I ever need the AC. 

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My understanding is that the biggest issue with A/C misting is the mineral buildup on the coil or condenser if you have hard water. A mineral buildup would not only reduce efficiency, but could shorten the life of the unit.

Greg in MN


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For a few more dollars upfront, I'd think the rooftop misting / drip systems would be more efficient as they reduce the heat infiltration at the point of entry.



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The installation instructions for my Chinese mini split said to keep the exterior unit out of the rain, which I am still puzzling over.
Go Solar!

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You would be better off to wet a Munters paper pad and blow air through it cooling the air to near the wet bulb.
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