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Scott Davis

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This is an area to post your favorite links!  Please post links you feel are of interest to the Solar Community or provide relevant information that may be useful to other members.  Post your link in a current topic that is related to your link, or if unrelated to any current topics, feel free to add a new topic along with a header that describes your subject link.
Take care, Scott MD


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My favorite is http://www.solarpiper.com/

 www.Solarpiper.com created a calculator to assist in making decisions about how to add solar power to your property. It can be used to find out how much solar energy can be collected on your property, what your needs and requirements are, and how much it will cost you.

It also contains tons of relevant and up to date information on Solar power. 

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Hi everyone! I'm doing a project about the efficiency of solar panels for an AP Environmental Science class. If you live in Southern California and have solar panels, please help me out by taking this survey. It's fairly quick and will help a great deal.


Thank you!
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