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Hi guys, I am looking into learning about solar and how to size a solar setup. I know there are losses a long the way so I just wanna get and idea of where the losses occurs in a solar setup.

So from what I understand this is the big picture of how a solar set up works:
the solar panel fills the battery bank with wattage and current, the user/load device will pull the wattage and the current stored in the battery bank to power the load devices.


Now for the losses:
the solar panel being exposed to sunlight will push current through the chargecontroller and into the battery bank where it gets stored. There is some lost of current between the solar panel and the charge controller, so I will have to size thecharge controller to account for losses in current and to ensure enough current gets stored into my battery bank to power my load devices.


the battery bank holds the wattage and current that the user/load device needs to power itself.
when current is flowing into the battery bank from the charge controller (aka charging), there is some lost in current, so I have to size the bank to account for losses when iam charging the battery bank.

when current is flowing out of the battery bank and into the inverter (aka discharging), there is some lost in current so I have to size the bank to account for losses when iam discharging the batter bank.

there is also losses in the inverter, so now I have to size the battery bank to account for losses in the inverter.

any other losses that I have not accounted for yet?

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