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Is the photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collector (PVT) more efficient than the normal photovoltaic panels? Do you have some empirical data? Because many people are claiming that the PVT is more efficient than the PV modules, but I don't see any data. The information is theoretical: the efficiency of the solar panels decreases with heat and the pipes of the thermal layer absorb the heat coming from the PV layer, therefore, they should be more efficient. Which is true in principle but this is not enough, we need some experiments, some data.

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Solar panels, wind turbines, solar vehicle...may help


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There may not be enough data out there to know for sure, yet, and it probably depends on the installation.

They SHOULD be more efficient; PV IS more efficient if you can keep it cool, and if you can use the warm air/water produced even better. A couple years ago I tried fan-cooling an ordinary panel and it DID improve output, but the fan used up most of the gain. I didn't pursue it.

Hybrid panels that combine PV cells with thermoelectric modules should also capture more energy and thus be more efficient.

However COST "efficiency" can be another story entirely. Do the math. Sometimes the K.I.S.S. principle is the best option.

Willie, Tampa Bay
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