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A big part of the problem is politics... the fossil fuel industry owns more than a few politicians who of course pass laws and regulations favoring those industries. The only solution is to educate the people and get them to VOTE.

Another problem with home solar is the cost of installation. Every job is different and they tend to be labor intensive. Folks living in townhomes, condos, and apartments don't often have the footprint for a solar array anyway.

Utility-scale solar is another story. My utility built a 23Mw plant last year on 100 acres just a few miles from here, and I hear they have purchased another FIVE HUNDRED ACRES for yet another solar plant. As much as I like Home Solar, I have to admit that the utilities have the incentive, the money, and the clout to make it happen. They hate those fossil-fuel bills as much as we do.

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay


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Most purest from energy is solar as well renewable too...To control pollution and usage of fossil fuels should increase the usage of solar energy..
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Best solar flood lights - Top reviews of 2018  
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