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I was messing around with SketchUp a little this morning and made a model of an idea I had for a passive solar air heater for a shed or cabin.  You would use the channel between the floor joists as a cold air return duct to the solar collector.  By placing the collector mostly below the floor level you could avoid reverse thermosiphoning and it would feed the warm air into the building at floor level rather than higher up the wall as some designs do.  Might be useful for a shed or cabin at a remote off-grid site.  Any thoughts?



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It would work, But The building would need to be on stilts or a steep hill side to be able to make the collector big enough to make any usable heat and get it drafting/ flowing properly. Back draft dampers are not expensive nor hard to make your self. Look at builditsolar.com for Gary's solar shed/garage heater for ideas.

Also passive heaters do work, but putting a fan or two in them will let you harvest much more BTU's out of them, by lowering the temp in the collector you greatly reduce the heat loss through the glazing.

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