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You can think of any crazy idea... look it up , somone already had it.


I like the idea of not having to care about a freezing waterfilled outdoor tank. 
I wonder how they make sure the expanding ice doesn't rip the heat exchanger tubes apart inside the tank...

So the basic idea is:

Connect hydronic solar collectors filled with glycol/water mix to a nearby buried water tank
- instead of putting a huge tank well below ground you could put one just below the surface. 
- insulate it more or less, it will work at lower temperatures than the temperature used to heat your home
- let a heat pump do the work of extracting the energy from the low temperature water/ice

Why is this interesting?
- Because of the latent heat of fusion of water to ice. (PCM)
- If it is working at a lower temperature , heat loss to the environment becomes less important.
- At -10F and partly cloudy weather not enough heat maybe produced to increase water tank temperature to a usable temperature (above 85F)
- no need to bury hundreds of feet of pipe 8 feet below grade like a normal GSHP

Now, a question remains. Will the COP of a water to water heat pump be good enough at 32F? 

I was basically just thinking "PCM", what could be used and was thinking of water/ice and a heat pump. Don't know if it makes sense for a residential application though.


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A GSHP's output is often rated using 30*F input water.

COP of 3+ is common.

A well designed ground loop will approach 30*F by the end of the heating season.

I am afraid the heat pump will extract many more BTU's then a solar array could replace.


Rhode Island
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