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I've had my eye on the Mercedes high roof vans for a few years.  Went to a medical appointment yesterday in Albuquerque and asked my daughter, my driver, if we could stop by the Mercedes dealership when we were done.  She said 'yes' so about nine one p.m. we pulled into the Mercedes dealership.  Now I'm a big brawny old farmer in my early 80s with a bushy crop of white hair.  I was wearing brown type jeans with a t-shirt and certainly didn't look like a local rich nerd.  A salesman came out and asked if he could help us and I told him we wanted to look at vans.  He obviously didn't want to waste time with us so he called out a young lady and told her to assist us. 

The young lady was very nice, courteous, and knowledgeable.  She drove us over to their van lot and we looked at several.  I really didn't see anything I liked, and BTW, all in the 55 to 70 K range, so we went back to the dealership.  On the way to the doors, we went right past two white Mercedes four door sedans.  My daughter and I both liked one of them, a sort of four door sports car, and asked about it.  The lady told us it was a quite rare car, the only one in our state for sale and one of only 14 in the entire uS.  The car turned out to be a 2.5 liter turbo diesel and a very high performance car which was highly desired in Germany and Europe, thus the very few exported to the US.  The daughter and I both sat in the car and instantly loved it.  I told the young lady I'd take it.  I would pay cash and wanted to dicker for a deal. 

She was stunned and went to her desk and started writing up the deal.  Her big boss came down and said he had to have a credit report to include my Social Security Number.  I asked why since  I would pay cash.  He tap danced and said it was a requirement.  I said 'screw that' and my adughter and I got up to leave.  I really don't think the jerk realized an old scumbag like me could buy such a car for cash and so on.  However, he said he would check with his boss, left and came back with the boss  I told him the same thing -- no credit BS and a cash deal.  He then said that, well, he had to have proof of insurance.  No sooner were those words out of his mouth than my daughter was on her smart phone with USAA and about two minutes later, proof of insurance documents were 'clicking' in on the young lady's fax machine.  We were then escorted to the finance manager's office where I told him I needed, immediately, a final document showing total charges so I could go to a local branch bank and get a cashier's check before the bank closed.  He finally printed out a document and handed it to me.  I'm sure the turkey thought I'd walk out the door and vanish.  However, I came back 15 minutes later from the bank with check in hand. 

Oh boy!  The whole climate changed then!  Wow!  "Gee' the finance chief asks me, 'what kind of a loan deal did you have with your bank?'  I finally got more than a little blunt and said, "Damnit to hell!  They cut this check out of my savings account!  So can we stop the BS and close this deal or not?  I can go across street and buy a Volvo, Lincoln, or a Caddie!  Do you want to sell a @@#$!##@! car or not?'

It was finally all smooth sailing after that.  The big bosses came back downstairs with all kinds of nice, friendly comments, handshakes, and on and on.  Our young lady salesperson was out in the hallway about to choke to death with amusement and so was my daughter.  I also managed to keep a straight face and we finally closed the deal and drove the car home.  

Wow!  This 2.5 liter diesel will damned near do a wheelie when you stomp on the fluel and its speedo goes up to 160 MPH which I now have no doubt it can do.  The damned car has every gadget and neat toy one could ever wish for, GPS voice command, auto braking to prevent rear ending someone, auto climate control, and on and on.  I've been in the damned thing yesterday and today with the manuals trying to learn all the systems and controls in it.  This is a car that talks to you with a lovely feminine voice, tells you what it's doing, what it might need, and so on.  Wow!  What the hell.  I'm afraid of the stock market and precious metals at present so why not blow my saving account on something of real worth, utility, and value?  Anyway, I'm now a member in good standing with the Albuquerque Mercedes, Audi, and Porsche club.  Bottom line, don't judge a book by its cover....



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It happens...Years ago my girlfriend and her mother went to several dealerships looking to buy a new car for her and her father. Without exception, the dealerships spoke to her and her mother with words like "sweetie", "darling" and "missy". The salespeople kept asking to speak to her father, even after she explained several times that she was the one making the purchase. 

Finally, at the end of a very frustrating day she stopped into a VW dealership and within minutes purchased TWO top of the line sports cars, a Wolfburg Edition Scirocco and GTI. The next day she stopped by some of the dealerships that had treated her so poorly and asked to speak to the general manager where she proceeded to explain how she and her mother were treated and how she ended up purchasing two new vehicles from a competitor. Not surprisingly, all but one of the GM's didn't believe her story...

Greg in MN


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Reminds me of a tale from my youth.. My family had a small farm, (52 acres) in Berkshire, UK, in the middle of a vast estate owned by Toby Sutton, who had other estates in other parts of England. Amongst his holdings in London was the "In and Out' club, actually the highly prestigious Naval and Military Club, but so called because 'In' was on one gatepost and 'Out' on the other.

Anyway the story as my mother told back in the 60s was that one day Toby, a highly eccentric English Gent, (BTW I'd love to be rich enough to be classed eccentric rather than odd) decided to take a load of manure from his land in Berkshire (West of London) to another located in Norfolk, East of London, and set out on a tractor with full cart in tow. Deciding the journey required an overnight stop, he drove into central London to the 'In and Out' and started to dismount. "You can't bring that in here' was the doorkeeper's response, 'Yes I can' said Toby, 'I own the place'...

Yes, the moral of the story is definitely "don't judge a book by its cover".. [biggrin]

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I usually pay cash for my cars. Let me also add that I have worked in the car selling business and finance business for 30 years.  Last time I bought a car, my hardworking sales lady (from whom I have purchased a couple of cars and trucks) asked me to sit down with the finance guy while she delivered a car to another customer before we took a drive.  I spent 5 minutes with him and we went for a drive and my sales lady informed me that I could get an additional $4000 off the price of the car if I used their financing. She knew I was planning to pay cash for the car and gave me the deal in writing both ways...the only difference was to use their financing for the $4000 difference, so I agreed, knowing I could pay it off after the first month. When I took delivery of the car the next day, one of the senior financing company people was there and took me aside to explain that by financing me a car with my credit score and history, the dealership could make 5 or 6 other loans that they otherwise could not make without my score bringing the average credit scores of the dealership's loan portfolio up to meet the financing company standards.  She didn't care if I was planning to pay it off...they were going to sell 5 or 6 other cars by then anyhow.  I paid it off when I got my payment coupons in the mail for $40 more for interest,but $4000 lower than cash and they sold more cars...a win-win situation!
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