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Only problem with any thin film is that even with a little computer fan pushing the air the film will bulge a bit and air can bypass the walls. So drawing air through the collector might work best as it would draw a thin film tight against the top surfaces. Having the fan at the exhaust will put the fan in the warm airflow, but at the size you are building, and the length of time the fan would be in the heat I wouldn't think it would be a problem.

Greg in MN


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Well I finished a prototype (sort of last night. I will paint it and put the input output tubes in tonight.)  I think they will work quite well actually. the wood in the photo is for a screen frame, that I will build later.



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Well, I have 2 panels built, my current issue is sealing the glazing so that they can take it on and off.  L channel would work but I have to make it idiot proof because 13yr olds will find a way to break even unbreakable things.  Even if they are told to be careful they aren't.
I tried magnetic strips on the glazing and panel but the glue wouldn't hold to either.  Me next idea is straps with buckles that cinch the glazing on.  I will post pics later.
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