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The new research from Columbia Engineering is an especially significant development because along with the increased efficiency and smaller scale it offers a more simple, environmentally friendly way to manufacture solar absorbers.

If you want all the details down to the nanoscale, check out the research team’s study, published in the journal Advanced Materials under the title, “Scalable, ‘Dip-and-dry’ Fabrication of a Wide-Angle Plasmonic Selective Absorber for High-efficiency Solar-thermal Energy Conversion.”

For those of you on the go, it boils down to a super special coating:

The authors determined that the plasmonic-nanoparticle-coated foils created by their method perform as well or better than existing SSAs [selective solar absorbers] and maintain high efficiency throughout the day, regardless of the angle of the sun, due to the wide-angle design.

Go Solar!

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