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Hi all,
  New to this solar off grid. I have read so much head about to explode. I have ten 12volt 80Amp AGM batteries. I'm not sure if I calculating this correctly for total Amp hour.
12vx80A=960Ahr   960Ahr x10=9,600Ahr then 9,600 x .50= 4,800 Total amp hour  is this correct or am I way off the mark in my calculations.


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Here is a tutorial video series


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Depends on how they're wired up.  In parallel, simply add the AHs up (10 x 80 = 800ah, x 12v = 9600 WATT hours),  In series, don't add the amps, but add the volts (10 x 12v = 120v, x 80ah = 9600 WATT hours).    

9600 watt hrs = 9.6 kwh.  x .5 = 4.8 kwh, or about 50c worth of electricity after all that work [frown]

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay

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The general formula to calculate wattage is volts x amps.In case of solar panels,one has to measure short circuit amps.So measure the amps and multiply it with normal panel voltage to calculate the wattage of a solar panel..

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Best solar flood lights - Top reviews of 2018  
Rick H Parker

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Your way off the mark.  Start with the batteries, 12V 80 Amps is 12V 80Ah (Amp-Hours) or 80 Amps max. Figure out which one it is.
Amps is a rate, Amp-hours is a quantity. Wattage is a rate, Watt-hours is a quantity.
Too many don't get that, failure to do so trips up a lot of people.

Now go lookup the definition for Amp-hours and see if you can explain the difference between  Amps and Amp-hours.

Rate and Quantity, if one does what both are, the difference between the two and the relationship between the two. One will never understand the calculations your trying to do or be able to master them.

Rick H Parker
Kansas, USA
Electronics Engineering Technologist
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