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Something else you can do to help keep the heat that your collector captures is to shield the insulated ducts from the wind and keep them off the ground. In the spring as the temps change and we get some snow melt the ducts can leak and the insulation can absorb water. And by shielding the ducts from the harsh winter winds the heat won't be drawn from the ducts. 


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My placement is similar, and my runs will be longer. 5 feet across two collectors, 8 feet up to the top of the collectors, 10 feet to the garage, 2 feet into the garage and then 6 feet to the garage floor. That's the supply. The return will be shorter, but still 5 feet across two collectors, 10 feet to the garage and 2 feet into the garage. 

I'm using hard 6 inch duct, and plan to insulate it well, maybe using aluminum bubble wrap on top of the flexible insulation. Sometimes we just have to deal with the site that's available. The good news is I have a true south orientation as a result.

20% loss is a lot though!

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Last winter my ZeroPass had a return duct of 23 feet and most of that was up in the air with a vertical configuration, so the winds were whipping past and cooling things down. On the really cold and windy days I would lose about 8 degrees between the thermometer located at the exit of the collector and when the air was brought back in the house. This year I still have a long run of about 20 feet, but it will be the intake  air and better protected.
Bubble wrap sure wouldn't hurt, but you may also want to cover the insulation with something like a cheap tarp. My ducts were pretty beat up this spring and I had a few sections that were no longer usable. But the main thing is to keep the ducts off the ground and shielded from the winter winds. 

Greg in MN[comp]
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