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RESIZE 1824.jpg  RESIZE 1826.jpg  RESIZE 1826.jpg Not sure why the blue sections seems so light of a blue color, but it is ALL the darker side of the blue color.  Must be the sun.  I say, i ran out of black, and this blue was pretty "dark" so I went with it.  First pic you'll notice two new red handled brass valves, The piping from the union at top of photo to back near the top of the 3 inch green drain pipe was all the pipe that was also replaced at the same time.

The photo shows the blue handled valve side, and that is already all cpvc, but the blue handled cpvc valves are very poor quality, as they're not that old.  I haven't turned them many times at all and they tend to do funny stuff as well.  I'm replace that small area the first chance I get as well.  I have two identical red handled "brass" gate valves and they will be installed.  I hope that is the end of shut off problems.  The gate valve may leak or let a small amount of water by over time, but the plastic valves will not hold up from what I've seen in the 3 or 4 short years they have been on my system.


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On the HOT side, you will need to use proper cpvc to brass adapters at any connections to brass or copper. An ordinary cpvc adapter will leak after a while due to differences in expansion. On the COLD side it doesn't matter.

Been there.

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay
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