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Currently I have a solar PV system that averages about 15 to 20 kWh per day 30 on a good day. I have a ground source heat pump (climate master Tranquility 30 TE026). The Ground loops consist of 3 / 600 ft loops of 3/4 inch poly pipe. my home at the moment is 1000 sq' it all works really nicely for that. Im going to add 900 sq' using insulated concrete form construction. I dont want to have to add another heat pump. So in order to utilize my current setup, I want to try to increase the capacity of the heat pump by increasing the incoming water temp with the solar collector and heat hot water as well (see diagram below for what im proposing). I see that it has been used for DHW and radiant floor heat with good results. Im wondering if anyone has combined it with a heat pump as im proposing and what the results were. I have attached a drawing of what im am proposing. Right now the entering water temp to the GSHP is 40F which gives me a 20F rise in leaving airtemp if i were to increase the entering water temp to 90F it would give me a 40F rise in leaving air temp. (according to the manual)

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Hi, Jerry,

Well the good news is *somebody* has apparently thought of this possibility before !
(the guy who drew your drawing, for a start!).

You could take a look at this...

In particular the diagram shows an "external" warmer attached to the boiler.

As the text says, "This fluid is used to heat water that is stored in either a separate hot water cylinder or in a twin-coil hot water cylinder (the second coil is used to provide additional heating from a boiler or other heat source)".

According to your layout dwg, your existing HX from the GHX would need to be "embedded" in a new "Solar HW reservoir" as depicted at bottom L/H.

However, You could possibly avoid the need to do that, by "simply" plumbing your new Solar Hydronic Collector to a flat-plate HX, that you would mount to your existing HP HX.
There is one here...  (click the URL).

You will see that the 1st photo shows the solar application.
If you enter the "Shop", you will see that they do a
EWT-WP-23  For split air conditioners and heat pumps

Thus the flat-plate becomes the interface between the Solar Collector and the Ground Exchanger.

Good luck with the plumbing !


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