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I'm constantly amazed at the falling prices of solar PV and the bulk prices in particular.

For example RENVU, a dealer I have used in the past currently advertises:
CSUN 305W Poly @ $0.387/w (Min. order 240)

Now, I couldn't use 240 in the short term, and, obviously there are logistics and shipping costs to be considered, but would there be any interest in this group in a 'group buy' at some point?

Perhaps  a group in a single local area who could pick up their panels from a central location might work.

Thought? Any interest?


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Have you looked at ebay? you can get 320W frameless for less than that. Iv been looking at a frameless build of about 12 320W panels so iv been shopping a lot. 
Everything you save is another pay raise you give yourself!

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Yes, I keep an eye on eBay, I recently bought 10 off 235w hanwha panels for $115 each there, the problem is shipping, the seller said free shipping which I jumped at, then he said after the auction that the shipping was far more than he had thought it would be. I ended up splitting the cost with him. It added about $20 per panel.

Another thing that I've seen on eBay is folk offering unopened cases of enphase m215 inverters and saying 'case of 10' when there are actually 12 in a case, so if the price is good you get 2 free! ;-)
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