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Heres an interesting clip,if you have the right building orientation for your part of the world.Ive seen some lean to talk on here so im guessing others must of had the same idea too.

part 2:

Regards Mattie


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Having a greenhouse/green room attached to (the south side of) an existing house is efficient for a number of reasons. Obviously, one wall is already built, saving cost in construction. In our case, more important is the heating benefit for the main house. Even when winter temperature highs are in the single digits, on sunny days our room heats the entire house. I simply let the room warm up, which is somewhere around 9:30 to 10AM. By then, it's usually in the 90s in there. We open the kitchen door, or the top sash in the pantry window, and hot air billows inside. If we open the door before then, it just takes longer to feel the impact, but still heats the house.
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