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Another consideration might be lifespan of the products. Multi walled poly sheeting has advertised lifespan of up to 10 or more years. If the air filled systems being discussed are roll material, with fan forced air for the air space, I've not seen any of that material expected to last that long (although there certainly could be something available I'm not aware of). There are other products too. In our greenhouse/green room on the south side of the house, we included two "skylights" with clear poly matching the profile of the "pro panel" metal roofing on the rest of the house. I don't remember what it's rated for, but it's sold as roofing. I added a layer of 6mm twinwall framed in one inch below after the first winter, and the room stays warmer on cold nights. The room does get cold at night, because it's not heated (it gets into the negative 20s on winter nights, and the room gets down to about +20f). The stand alone heated greenhouse I'm building now is getting triple walled poly on the south roof and parts of the south, east, and west walls between large insulated glass casement windows. Heating will be from two sources: a rocket mass heater with flue/mass under the row of windows and glazing on the south wall, and 2ea 300 gallon IBCs painted black, along the insulated north wall. The tanks will absorb solar radiation during the day. The building is framed, and the poly has been ordered, but not in yet.


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New to forum. I will be building a double wall polycarbonate air filled green house, shortly. I've researched quite extensively, and will post results as I go. I using a air filtration system for my blower. Its a simple 14x10 Mini green house, but will be housing tomatoes year round. Will update my results.

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That's great Greenthumb, welcome to the forum and look forward to seeing your progress.
Regards Mattie
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