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So, while I was brainstorming on my water heated furnace for the house, it suddenly came to me,  Using a gas/propane water heater for the last storage tank, why cant you run a set of 1/4" copper coils from the input pipe in the flu where it can catch all the heat from the burner?  This way the burner is not only heating the tank but its heating the input cold water.  Get more bang for the buck seems to me. 
Actually the idea came to me while in the shower.  I ran up stairs and after the burner had gone out it was registering 230 F degrees in the flu.
Already been done I suppose?


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xactdude - Not sure how much extra heat you'd get, but it sounds possible. My only concern from what you've said is having a way to release the pressure build up you'd get if you actually raise the coil to boiling temp. It may be worthwhile monitoring the heat in the flu for a while to get an estimate of what you can capture. Interested to see how it goes!
Silverback CT

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If the coil ever overheated and failed the results would not be pleasant...
Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay

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it wont work, the tank has already filled before the burner kicks in.  back to the dreamin board

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Phew, xactdude !

Sounded kind-of scary anyhow, to me !

Any way you can use AIR, routed over / around the gas flue -- I am thinking of something like a jacket, you push cold (room-temp) air in with a fan, and the hot flue then warms up the air...  Or instead of a jacket, just a big air duct, ganged parallel with the gas flue for a few feet or more...

You would need a thermostat to control the fan: as the gas-fired boiler comes on and hot exhaust gas exits the flue, the thermostat puts the air fan on...

Not sure what building code would say about my idea, however !

Like, if ever there was a gas leak on the flue, and another leak on your air duct, then U might risk pushing GAS into your AIR -- Nasty [eek]


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building codes? whats that?  sounds like a conspiracy
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