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I don't understand: "Hook'em up to a fan coil, with or without storage."  Do you mean even a water heater one will heat air when hooked up to a fan coil? 

[jpg_80x80] For this one on alibaba, I asked: "Also, do people use this to ultimately heat water in a home by heating air that then heats the water, or just to heat a room (via air and no water)?", to which they replied: "The solar air collector is designed only to heat air, not water, it is a new technology we developped last year."


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Exactly. The hot water from the water heater can help heat a room with a fan coil, baseboard, or other setup. It's not the cheapest setup but it does work. With storage, it can be used to heat a room when the sun is not up.

That picture does not resemble the ones in the earlier post. It might also be that Alibaba has the wrong photos with their air heaters. I'd make sure before buying.

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
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