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Victor,  I've posted two or three writeups on this site about using my solar heater as a summertime cooler.  I'm in high, dry western New Mexico and the usual humidity is 10% or lower most of the time so the house heat circulated back through the 'heater' in normal operation mode results in the internal air flowing through the heater and radiating a lot of its heat back into the dark night sky.  That return air at night is 13 to 15F degrees cooler which really helps the AC. On the average in my area, we also have a 40 to 50 degree temperature difference between noon and midnight which also aids the cooling effect. I kid you not, a 100F temp at noon turns into 60F at midnight.  I keep coats and blankets in my vehicles year round in case of a breakdown in a remote area.  60F can become downright cold if you're only wearing a t-shirt and jeans and your vehicle engine has quit so hence no heat.   


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I found the solution to getting the collector and the furnace to work together:

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