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Hello all
I am just wondering if  anyone seen a good clip or guide on how to make your own version of a phase change material for energy storage? Using parrafin etc? I have looked here http://www.builditsolar.com/Experimental/PCM/DIYPhaseChangeMaterial.htm anyone tried this succesfully?
I know there are some commercial products available such as cieling tiles that capture the excess thermal energy(high temp) in a building and release it when the temperature drops below a certain point(low temp), just interested to hear what others thought of the DIY approach?
Regards Mattie


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check this link for a greenhouse design using air laden with water vapor to carry heat underground where cool conditions condense the vapor (phase change from gas-liquid) and the heat is transfered to the soil in a greenhouse. Not sure how well this would adapt to a conventional home or workshop, greenhouses are notorious for high humidity, but it is certainly a great way to use the advantages of phase change storage/transfer if your building a greenhouse...



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Thanks Joek, i Like the SHCS concept a lot.My idea with the phase change materials came from they do not require any power, take up no floor space and have a lower(release energy) and upper (store energy) points which are triggered by temperature, pretty much along the lines of the two thermostats on the intake and outake fans on the SHCS.No digging required although the cost is a factor which is why i was looking at the diy approach.
Regards Mattie

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I ran across this post while looking for phase change materials to use in my Aquaponics greehouse. The paraffin I can find all melts way to high for my use. I was hoping to get a PCM that fires between 65-70°F 

I see Eutectic Salts that are available commercially from Ceres, and Insolcorp (InfiniteR) 

It seems like something from salt might be cheap to make myself but I am still learning. 

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