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I stopped using dryer sheets for the same reason. I also switched out the flex duct for solid duct when I moved in many years ago. It seems lint tends to get trapped in the ridges of the flex duct which greatly increases the likelihood of a dryer vent fire. 

My uncle has a dryer ducting made of 4" PVC that snakes about 30' to the outside. There was almost no flow so a load could take two HOURS to dry. So we used a leaf blower at one end and a shop vac at the other. We removed enough lint to fill the shop vac, but the vent was still not clear. So I filled up a plastic bag with air just a bit smaller than the 4" duct and tied a long string to it. We sucked the bag through the duct until it came out the other end and attached another long string. Next, I tied a large bottle brush to the string and we pulled the brush back and forth through the duct a few times, sucked out a bunch more lint. The dryer works great now, but at least twice a year it has to be cleared. I can't imagine why they had such a long, winding duct run. 

 Greg in MN


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"I can't imagine why they had such a long, winding duct run." 

Yep you got to wonder sometimes. My other sister lives in a duplex, her dryer also has about 30' run. But it was built with metal ducting, they had the seams taped very well as it did not leak water till it got heavy enough to break the mounting hardware and fall through the false ceiling. Apparently the metal allowed the moisture to condense and the lint acted like a sponge. By the time they got done cleaning it out they had a full trash can of that wet compacted lint. I had an idea of making a modified cyclone dust/lint collector to catch the lint before it got to the vertical tube for her but there was no room for it.



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Another problem with dryer ducts is where they exit the House. The vent covers with small louvers only work for about a year or until they are held open with dryer lint. Just feel your dryer metal shell on a cold day.  I use only the dryer vent covers that have a cap that is lifted up with air pressure. The cost a little more but well worth the money. This of course slow the air flow but it sure is better than having multiple 4" open holes in the side of the house all winter long. 

I installed two vents at every exit point . One in the outside and one inline vent about a foot before that. I also check them every spring. 

Jim from IL
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