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I have a very small simple off-grid PV system set up with one 100 watt panel, one 114 amp hour deep cycle battery and a very basic PWM charge controller.

My problem is that my 10 AWG stranded cables don't fit very well into the terminals on this charge controller. Does anyone know if it's possible to buy some sort of crimp on or solder on connector that would have a nice square pin that would fit exactly into this charge controller?


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Looks to me like "euro" connectors where you tighten the screw to clamp the bare wire. Generally no crimp connectors are needed, I'm not sure why the stranded wire won't work. If the wire is too big simply fold back a few strands and cut them off. 10ga is really big wire for a 100w panel.

If that doesn't work I'd try a bit of solder on the ends of the wires to hold the strands together. Then you can shape the soldered part with a file, pliers or a hammer to whatever works best for you. You might try a piece of scrap wire first.

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