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To protect your flexible tubing from your panel to shop or house if it is not fastened to the side of building, make a sleeve out of plastic tarp, tape up the seam and slip it over the flexible insulated tubing. Make it a few inches bigger to get it on easy. Will add years to your insulated tubing.


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can you post images with posts.it may get more useful..

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Great idea Seatec!  I've been pondering how to (inexpensively) cover the Armaflex outdoor pipe insulation in my (planned) install.

I'll second the motion on a couple pics if you have them...


It's really kind of cool to have solar panels on your roof.
Bill Gates
Rick Stone

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I can verify that the insulated silver duct will only last 2 years without deteriorating. I am on the third year and I have patched mine in many places and need to replace it. The water gets into the holes, soaks the insulation and when it freezes it become solid in the low points. I was thinking of using mylar blankets and put a couple three layers on it and using metal foil tape to hold it together. How do you think that would hold up ?

Talmo, GA.

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I know my insulated ducts have taken a beating. Small tears, water leaks and even condensation have taken their toll. I suspect anything that keeps the elements off the mylar cover would work. I think someone mentioned using the cheap blue or green woven utility tarps. They are always on sale. The cheap ones won't last but a couple of years, but it would be easier than replacing the ducts themselves. You could also buy the better, silver tarps as they last several years before breaking down.

Greg in MN[wave]

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I used clear plastic on mine with one duct tape seam along the length of the duct.  I figured it would also create an air space and trap a little heat around the duct like a greenhouse (if the duct gets any sun, which mine do).

Kevin H
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