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So yesterday night I lowered the charging settings to:

Improve charging pressure values: 224V (the minimum possible)
Equalizing charge pressure values: 232V (the minimum possible)
Float charging voltage value: 213V (the minimum possible)

This morning, exactly at 6 am, it was still only morning light with no sun shine, I got the smoke alarm beeping.

I then went to measure the voltage of all the batteries and all were around 12.7V, except for one that was at 9.23V.
Could it be that this battery is faulty and causing the alarm to go off? I don't seem to have much luck on batteries...

Rick H Parker

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Could it be that this battery is faulty and causing the alarm to go off?

Yes it could be faulty and cause the alarm to go off.  
I would pull the 9.23V battery and put it on a 12V charger and charge it by itself. If it does not straighten up and fly straight your have your answer. Until you get the battery bank straighten out, disconnect the battery bank to avoid additional damage.

Rick H Parker
Kansas, USA
Electronics Engineering Technologist
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