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Here is an interesting document for anybody wanting to get maximum heat into their (greenhouse) subsoil…


  • "Increasing soil bulk density -- hence the contacts between solid particles -- increases the thermal conductivity."
  • "The thermal conductivity also increases with increasing water content."
  • "Soil water improves the thermal contact between the soil particles, and replaces air which has 20 times lower thermal conductivity than water."
However, for my own application (insulating heated crawlspace floor…), I need to be doing the OPPOSITE [eek]:

i.e. DRYING my under-slab soil, to get the water out, and also DECOMPACTING the soil particles, to add AIR...

I’ll do the former by adding a drainage layer (of rocks & stones) (or maybe perforated drain pipe...), and the latter by mixing the soil with either SAND or lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA).

(The slab itself is made of insulated limecrete (soil, lime and pine straw).


(1)  "Heat goes from hot to cold, there is no directional bias"
(2) It's wrote, "voilà" unless talking musical instruments...

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