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Should work. There are landfills here in Florida that make enough methane to generate commercial amounts of electricity. Now they're covering those same landfills with PV, for a twofer!
Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay


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GH,  You might take a look at this URL 

I found masses of info re composting and 'digesting' for methane by Googling 'Articles about methane gas production for home use.'  There is world-wide interest in composting/digesting both for field and garden fertilizer and methane gas production.  One author states that home methane production units are manufactured and sold in Germany and Switzerland and are in wide use.  Some farmers produce enough methane from manure, night soil, and compost to provide gas for heating, cooking, lighting, and even fueling internal combustion engines.  Author went on to state that any appliance that runs on propane can be easily converted to run on methane.  

An interesting topic.  Thanks for posting.    GOM

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I built a modest compost bin recently about 3' x 6' and 3' tall. I usually just mulch my grass and leaves with my mower but this time I collected the mulch in the tractor bags and dumped them in the bin.   Will be using it for our plants.

Just finished the leaves a few days ago before our first snow. Almost got the bin filled to the top.

It's about 25F right now. I just went out and checked it with my temperature gun. The top and sides varies from 25 to 32F.  I dug down about 10" and it was over 100F.  Wow. That was fast.   Steam too.

I wished that I had a long compost thermometer to check down to the middle.

Wanted to run pex tubing inside and to our basement but just can't afford it. Dog gone it.  Would need a bigger pile of compost probably though to get enough heat.

Very cool though. Well hot.

Bert K.

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