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A week ago i bought 4 PV panels as they were dirt cheap (they're 50W each - http://www.solardesigntool.com/components/module-panel-solar/GS-Solar/2220/GS-50/specification-data-sheet.html) What is more, i've got a small 12,8 V wind turbine (about 250W). I'd like to combine these two sources of energy and make use of it. I thought about making use of the energy given to power my hrv unit (consuming usually about 20W, max 120W), solar pump (40 W), heating stove pump (105W). 

I'm totally new to this topic and really have no idea where to start from. I'd be really glad to know what you suggest. I don't even know if my idea is correct.



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You will also need at least one charge controller and possibly two, and a battery.   Considering you have 200w (rated) of panels and 250w in the turbine, you have a possibility of nearly 35 amps charge rate (though average will be a lot less).   I'd suggest either 2-12v deep cycle batteries in parallel or 2-6v golf batteries in series.  Either will give you about  220 amp hours total capacity and should be able to handle whatever the solar panels and turbine can dish out. 

I don't know if a "solar" charge controller can be used for a wind turbine, or if you can put both on one charge controller.  However you CAN put both charge controllers (if required) on one set of batteries.  You'll have to research that.

So you'll hook your solar panels and the wind turbine up to their appropriate charge controllers, and hook the controllers to the batteries.  If you need a 12v supply you can connect your load to the batteries.  If you need 120v you'll have to buy an inverter to convert the 12v from the batteries to 120v AC. 

Check http://www.solar-electric.com/ for more info... they have lots of information on solar AND wind and can probably provide whatever other equipment you may need.

I just looked at the data sheet for those solar panels and I've never seen anything like them.  A 50W panel that puts out over 60 volts is unusual, and probably why you got them so cheap.  A charge controller for them may possibly cost you more than the panels themselves did.   With that much disparity between the panels and the battery you have no choice but to go with an MPPT controller.  This one by morningstar could probably do it, but before you buy call or email them.  http://www.solar-electric.com/inverters-controllers-accessories/chco/mochco/admpchco/mosumpsochco.html

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay
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