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Good morning Scott


I have had great enjoyment from your videos and hope to reap the benefits when I build my air collectors.


I would really appreciate your advice on my potential design.


Firstly I live in PEI Canada, which is certainly much colder and with more snow than you would normally experience.


Secondly I am doing everything possible to reduce my reliance on utilities.


My final design will utilize air collection, solar panel and wind generation. 


Working on the principle that low sunlight may be offset by wind, the combination of solar/wind could provide some level of power/heat generation during day and/or night.


I have 6 deep cycle, 275 AH 12V batteries in parallel.




To generate heat for water and room heating purposes.


Air Collector design  considerations.


Construct 4’ X  8’ frame using your design suggestions.

Pop cans to be used as  the absorber.  The tops are removed by a simple can opener, with the bottoms cut off, allowing the cans to be nested without using sealant or adhesive.  The cans would be oriented so the top of the can is up ensuring airflow does not escape. 


Question.  How can I create the turbulence to maximize scrubbing.  I am wondering how  you created the turbulence in the downspout configuration, since this had such good results?


Airflow can be controlled using computer fans powered by the solar panels, not by wind generator.


Radical (impractical?) approach.


Water Heating Considerations


I am proposing to use a 50 gallon polypropylene barrel as a holding tank.  In one video you showed the build for a CPVC water system.  Due to the freezing temperatures over long time periods I feel that having a closed circuit system with heat exchanger to be optimum.  The liquid in the heat collector woud be glycol. 


I would prefer to have the glycol filled tubing running through the water, but this would be dependent on the barrel being able to withstand 40psi operating pressure. My water demands are very low, so this solution would give adequate heated water for my purposes.  My water comes from a well with winter temperature at 52oF.  If the pressure is excessive, I could run the well water through piping immersed in the barrel filled with glycol.  This eliminates the pressure demand on the barrel.


Due to the successive extensions to the house, the most practical delivery of hot water to the kitchen and two bathrooms would be to use point-of-demand water heaters, supplied from the holding tank.  I also have a 50 gall electric hot water storage heater, but this is something that I would like to use only when sun and wind fail.


If you used a circulation pump, what flow rate did you select, (in gallons per hour).  Is the pump 12V or 120V?  I have inverters so 120V is not a issue.  If you have make model and supplier, this would be really helpful.


Now here is the big question.  Would you consider running the CPVC pipe, filled with glycol, through the center of the pop cans?

The advantages of this would be reduced construction of frames.

Potential disadvantage would be reduced heat absorption for both air and water systems.


I also have a heat pump.  During severe blizzards the fan can ice up and stop the pump working.  This was prevented by building a lean-to shed around it, but with temperatures down to -5oF, the effectiveness of the pump is negligible.  So I am going to build a lean-to using the air collection system but directing the air to the fan rather than into the building.


Thank you for the time you have spent and making your designs so readily available.  I look forward to hearing from you and will be very willing to share my results, whether successful or otherwise!


John Hardy

902 962 3830





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Welcome. That's a of of questions! Scott may not be able to respond for a bit but I'm sure others will chime in here.

There are other folks here from the Maritimes and you might want to review their projects:

You might want to consider a  Cinefoil Tube Collector rather then pop cans depending on how much free time you have:

Both temperature rise and airflow are integral to comparing hot air collectors

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Thank you for your reply and pointing me in the right direction.  Lance's project is certainly very appropriate.

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More threads from Maritimers


Both temperature rise and airflow are integral to comparing hot air collectors

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how bout some feedback on how your air/water collector is coming along.

Pat B. Warwick, Rhode Island Rest Assured! Comments and/or suggestions I make here at the forums on 'your' projects as well as my own have all been carefully and scientifically calculated by the 'seat of my pants'
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