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Hiya, Bob,

Welcome to the forum !

This might help some...


Good luck for signing-day !


(1)  "Heat goes from hot to cold, there is no directional bias"
(2) It's wrote, "voilĂ " unless talking musical instruments...


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Perfect guys I'm working on air slash water heater. Should be done this week.I've made a sheet metal box 90/260 with a glaze glass tempered.5 in deep. 1 in styrofoam insulation back and sides.a 2 inch by 5 inch pipes or radiator that will line the intire back of panel.that will be my hot air. On top of this will be my 3/4 copper pipe radiator.I've thought of putting either black metal screen on top of copper pipe or use black window tinting? So I'm in the process of putting this machine together. Any suggestion? Thanks LOCO

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From the BIS site

"Use polyisocyanurate rigid insulation board. If you use the blue, pink or white polystyrene insulation board it will melt -- trust me on this. The polyiso is a little harder to find, but most lumber yards have it -- it often has reflective aluminum face sheets."

Both temperature rise and airflow are integral to comparing hot air collectors

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hi all
i have a new roof on my shed about 40 ft long  and 5 ft high  and about 55 degrees

i was thinking  of hot air collector on half and hot water on the other half

?? if i put water on both  but put ducting through a heated water store would i have warm air when the sun is not shining at night

i will be running the warm air in through a heat recovery ventilation unit

would i get more heat overall than just a hot air collector

any ideas appreciated
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