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Hi Andrew-

So in order to bring the intake and exhaust down to the lowest level(How many levels are there?), you would need to run ducts down through living space? Tapping warmed air into the existing ducting would be easy, but to pull air from the lowest level to the attic does not sound easy the way you are set up.

Greg in MN


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Yeah the house plan is a hard one.

I have an area that i can run trunking to the lowest area via flexible trunking.  It wont get to the whole of the bottom floor but i have a 2400 watt nobo heater that is set to run off the PV and maintains the bottom floor as its 1/2 underground and the rest is double brick with a concrete roof, so once warm maintains itself overnight.

The area i can get to will warm 1 bedroom downstairs before it heads upstairs and warms the major living areas. If i can maintain relative warmth in these areas the gas heater/ furnace would hardly be needed during the days. The Gas Heater/furnace has a large filtered inlet which I thought about tapping into the trunking for the suction of my solar heater, that way it is already filtered and at room temperature.  It wouldnt be the coldest air in the house though.......  so here poses the next question

Will increasing the heat at the a lower level warm the air of a room more ....Or will removing the cold from the lowest level and as the heat drops heat a room more?


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I suggest you avoid flexible ducting if at all possible. Due to the ridges on the sides it adds a LOT of drag to airflow. If you do have to use it, use the minimum amount possible and pull the sides as tight as possible. With the size of your upcoming collector, you need to think about every way possible to keep air flowing as freely as possible.

Ideally, pulling the cold air, while at the same time will warm the most efficiently. But if can put only one duct down to the lower level, make it the warm air, as cold air sinks from the upper levels, and the warm air added to the lower levels will rise up the staircase if nothing else.

Having said that, if the warm air is entering a bedroom that is used nightly, it will add far too much heat for comfort. So keep the door open, or better yet, add the warm air to a lower common area and use small fans to distribute the warm air as needed.

Tapping into the existing ducting will have both advantages and disadvantages. It's more complicated as the furnace fan has to be able to turn on when it detects heat from the solar heater. It may also affect how the furnace intake returns throughout the house draw air with this connection.

But none of the ducting should affect the actual build of the collector. It's just something you need to keep in mind as you progress.

Greg in MN 
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