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Rick H Parker

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It does not look like a hybrid inverter is an option with only 4-5 of the cells.

This Charge controller will work with your panels and cells and it is only $145.00. The manual

Do the initial 4V/Cell charge without an inverter. Then drop the maximum charging voltage to 15.2V and connect the inverter. You can only use 4 of your five cells connected in series.

For the inverter there are lots of choices.

You want:

    3000W continuous (not 3000w peak)
    Pure Sine Wave.
    DC Input voltage that covers the range of 10-15.5V.
    110/120V 60 HZ AC output.   

The 10V low voltage cut off will keep the battery from over dischargeing.
The 15.5V high voltage cut off will keep the inverter from shutting down when the charge controller reaches the programed the maximum charging voltage of 15.2V.

Rick H Parker
Kansas, USA
Electronics Engineering Technologist

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