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Scott Davis

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A window in a house is already a very good solar collector. For our purposes, there's little difference between window glazing and solar collector glazing. It's already collecting about as much sun energy as a collector panel in the same location would collect and it's already delivering that energy right to the house - no need for fans or ducts or pumps or piping.

The window glazing works the same as the glazing on a solar panel, just as the stuff inside of your house works just like the absorbers in a panel. Adding an absorber surface on the inside of a window may even cause more heat loss since the higher temperatures near the window will increase the losses through the glass.

Take care, Scott MD


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Good info, Scott!

Or you can do what I did. I made a collector that "drops down" from our small bathroom window. It only blocks the bottom 1/4 of the window and drops down 7 feed to collect lots of free hot air from Mr Sun
Mine has a case fan that runs off a little PV panel to move the air. I have thought of adding another fan on the other side to move more air thru the panel. In full sun it's 68-70 degrees F going in and about 115 coming back.

Mitch in NC

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Hey, Mitch !

That looks like a very nice  idea !

Would you  have an outside view, by any chance ?


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Scott L

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Hi Mitch,

What kind of air collector are you using?  Great use of a small window and still get light in.

Scott L
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