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Originally Posted by Rick Stone
It's interesting that in the video at 8:37 they slip in a political bias and push for the" New world order". Politics has gotten really out of hand sometimes.

Rick Stone
Talmo, Ga

Agreed. Not to hijack Rick, but are you into anymore testing or projects?

Rick Stone

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Yes, I intend to do some more testing. I dropped my anemometer and it stopped working. I ordered a new one and only realized after I clicked submit that it would be shipped from China and arrive at the end of the month. Soooooo, it will be a while till I am ready to test unless someone wants to donate a used one .
  I have a 4 layer trap screen design insert, a tubular screen design insert, same as a pop can design but made with screen, a 6 layer zero pass,  a pop can insert with 1 inch holes, a pop can insert with both ends opened, a pop can insert, both ends open, with an untested turbulator insert design to greatly reduce the laminar effect and that fits in each individual can. ( it only restricts air flow 3% over all against an open ended can design)
   I would like to test a two layer copper screen and Phifer Suntex 90 (blocks up to 90 % of suns heat)  against the standard 2 layer aluminum screen.


Other than that, I have nothing to do. If anyone would like to donate any type of absorber material and a design type I will build it to spects and test it. My test boxes are 21"x40" I hate to ask for donations but I have lots of spare time and very little work and income at this time.


Rick Stone
Box 3
Talmo, Ga

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