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Hello, i want to build my own inverter because this chinese inverters always fail after 6 months to 1 year out of nothing. I have a lot of stuff lhere several burned inverters, transformers, diodes etc are good.
I want to reuse the old parts and create something that is durable and easy to fix as i am completely off grid and do not have any income to buy new equipment.

So these inverters were pwm switchmode type the like smps that you can find everywhere in modern electronics. The problem is all the schematic that i find online uses big output transformers which are then directly connected to the load.

I want to build a switchmode inverter so i can reuse the old transformers that i already have. My background is telecommunication technician, i know the basics of electroncs to a certain point that i can build my own power supply and all this standard circuits.

My idea is i take some bunch of mosfets and switch the primary side (24v) of the transformer with an ne555 or tl494 ic (or similar) to around 60khz then rectify the secondary side of the transformer with some big diodes and capacitors that gives me 120V DC and then use this as an input of another bunch of output mosfets which are controlled by an tl494 and create 60hz sine wave. Can it work like that? Has anyone a schematic that i can use? I need something as simple as possible so it always can be repaired. no microcontroller or any rare components.


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If I were going to attempt to design my own inverter, I would start by going here and doing a lot of reading:


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I found several designs online, the name what i was looking for is transformerless inverters where there is no transformer or only a small one in the chopper circuit to step up 24v to 120-160v dc and about 40 to 60 khz which is then rectified and fed into a mosfet output stage which is controlled by mosfet driver ic / pwm controller which also generates a sine wave for the output or a driver stage with a seperate sine wave generator. I bought some parts from aliexpress, if i m successful i may post the schematics here. Actually many of the circuits online are very simple, i am just wondering why one of my more expensive inverters has so much stuff in it? There are so many voltage regulators, feedback circuits, several microcontrollers, a lot of op amps and some logic and pwm ic and optocouplers, feedback coils and whatever is this all necessary? I want to keep it all simple, protection should be just overvoltage/overcurrent/overheat and short circuit nothing more. I want to keep everything simple to fix, because i am in a jungle here in central america there are no electronic parts around not even simple fuses for cars.
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