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The screen took a little careful trimming and repeated holding of the silicone caulk to seal and hold well, but it is pretty strong now.  I did a second application and holding after it started to set up and then two coats of paint to cover my sloppy job.  I made a stainless steel retainer ring, but seem to take up a lot of space for little, if any benefit.

I made a little mount for between the screens that the snap switch slides into and hangs on two little nails.  I can remove the snap switch from through the 8 inch duct collar.  

but I also hedged my bets with the purchase of a 24 volt controller on ebay. You can see the probe dangling for now above the snap switch in the photo above.  Below is the $10 controller mounted inside the window...1 meter away from the probe.  If I were to redo this, I would have bought a better controller. I will see if the snap switch can be used as a backup for the controller.  I hope I can just hook them in parallel and have them both active without shorting out the controller. ;-)  There is probably a resistor or stunt that would make this safer, but I don't have much electronic expertise.  We will see soon. I have a lot of paint touch up to do, too, even if it is just a basement mudroom. 
IMG_0936.jpg  nt nt of

Also note the artsy reflection of the opening and the camera in the first pic ;-) 


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Looking good Bruce-

Maybe you could use the controller for one fan and the snap switch for a 2nd fan set to a different temperature. Have you any idea of the airflow through the unit? If the output temps are too high, the 2nd fan could activate to improve airflow.

Greg in MN

PS:Sneaky way to take a selfie through the opening!

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Oh, I am a few of weeks away from getting it online and knowing what the temps and airflows are like.  I have some medical issues after my vacation and life keeps getting in the way of this project.  Fall sports are winding down now and winter sports are a month way, so I shouldn't be driving my bus too much in November...but if the stripers (rock bass) start running down the Jersey Shore, I might be delayed a little longer.  I have to stretch the screens on the front frames and install them. Then I will go get my three 4x6 twinwall sheets for glazing and the related mounting system for it.  Finally I should run the system to air it out well before I connect the ductwork into the house.  WHy am I doing this???  LOL

My wife asked me this evening if this will be ready for this heating season or next!  rut roh!

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Bruce, that's a new twist - a hanging snap disc bracket/wire loom.  Easy to make changes with that setup.

Does the controller have a 'dry contact' output (mechanical relay)?  If it does, and if the controller output and snap disc both are normally open, and close on call for heat, and if both are rated for the circuit they're controlling (snap disc will be for sure), you should be able to connect them in parallel as a wired-OR circuit.  Whatever device(s) you use, just be sure the control element is in series with the power source and the controlled circuit, not across either of them.  Are you using a 24V relay to control the fan?  In that case the snap disc/controller load is just the relay coil.

All that said, your wiring and snap disc look really easy to remove and change, I don't see much advantage in operating that way long term, although it may be useful during initial setup, to find the optimum temperature range and still have the snap disc to protect against overheating.  Greg's idea is pretty slick if you can accommodate a second fan.

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I got them wired in parallel yesterday.  They are both run off the 24 volt circuit and I have a mechanical switch before them to run tests, too. I can only hope that I need a second fan, but I doubt it.  If I do, I will set it up with the snap switch on a seperate circuit.  All I need to do is open a junction box next to the controller and pull the wires out and then set up a new one.  I can pull the wires and snap switch out and change it in about 5 minutes.  I will have plenty of time to mess with it this winter...right now I want to get it running and aired out.  I am working every day this week but Friday, so if I don't go surf fishing then, I will go get the twinwall and stuff for it.  

I also found an automobile cabin air filter on Amazon that is the exact size I need for in the printer/fan housing.  A good place to find all types and sizes, charcoal filters for our systems. 

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Last week I got the top screens stretched and installed...a tight fit and screwed to the 2x2 channel dividers and perimeter supports.  I wired in the snap switch but have decided to wait until I am online to activate the controller.  I stopped at Home Depot and found a deal on some PVC trim board to cap the edges of the glazing which I hope to get this week.  I still  have about 1/8 inch gap between the glazing and the front edges of my dado recess and edge of the iso on the side walls, so I decided to double the EPDM in back of the glazing and wrap it around the front to seal and pad my twin wall polycarb.  I rolled the EPDM around a foam pipe insulator and cut 5 inch wide strips for the EPDM gaskets.  It came out better than I thought it might.

IMG_0942.jpg  IMG_0943.jpg


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I've been busy at work and the weather has been cloudy and cold with frequent rain and one surprise 8 inch snowfall. I have been doing a lot of little things to finish on the Project.  I wired up the snap switch and controller.  I permanently installed the duct input side with mastic and screws, then covered the duct with the insulation and plastic jacket from some flex pipe I had around.  I had to actually disassemble the lower sash of the double hung windows to fit the solid ducts through them and the sheet of ISO that replaces the storm window.Yesterday was above 50 degrees so I got some finish caulking done, but haven't gotten to the do the topcoat of paint for the ductwork and windows where the ductwork goes into the house yet.   

Another doctor appointment today (it is hell to get old, but it beats the alternative.)  Then I hope to drive out to the country farm supply store and pick up my twin wall.  Maybe get that installed if we have decent weather this weekend.  Life keeps getting in the way.
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