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If you have only an intake(or exhaust), an equal amount of conditioned air needs to leave(or enter) the house via any holes, nooks and crannies throughout the house. It's not an efficient plan as it depends on air leaks rather than controlled ventilation for fresh air, so the location and size of the leaks control where the fresh air is exchanged within the house. 

About 3 years ago I had a home energy audit done as I was finishing up re-siding my house. The technician told me after I was done that my house was too tight and that I should leave the bath fan on 24/7 until a fresh air exchanger was installed, but the bath fan was a very poor substitute for the reasons stated above. 

The idea of a solar heater being used for ventilation has been around for well over 100 years. Check out the patent below from 1881:


Greg in MN


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Two other issues with heating outside air:
- To get enough heat rise, the air flow would have to be slowed.
- The input temp using outside air will vary greatly.  The fan speed would have to be automatically varied over a wide range.

Kevin H

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This is why I'm going to build a small test collector using black steel, without being glazed and pull the heat from behing the face of the collector...the underside of my 300 sq ft metal carport roof gets 145F during the afternoon... 

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Hi Joe-

Unless you have a way to keep the wind off of the roof of the carport you will have limited success gathering heat. I have a black truck and I can assure you that the truck is in no way warm sitting outside in the winter sun. Could you add a clear cover to the top of the carport during the winter?

Greg in MN

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Best ones for cold climates should have twinwall policarbonate or 2 layers of glas/policarbonate for better insulation.
It is worth to install some insulated covers for inlets and outlets.
Choose good design: zero pass, thinwall flex alu tubes or pop can with spiral flow.
Insulate front ends of manifolds too.
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