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Beware! car radiator are made from aluminium. If any other metal will be in contact with water flowing through it, it will flush the aluminium Copper is the worst. After months, you will have to replace it. So use plastic instead.
I think much more efficient will be:
-placing car radiator not in  the solar air heater but in a small box above standard solar air heater. Hot air from outlet will come to the front of radiator, fan will suck it through. Connect back side of box with a duct to inlet of air collector. This system can be used besides heating months.


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All well and good but where are you going to find an all-plastic car radiator?

I've found that HVAC air-water heat exchangers work well, and they have copper water passages.  However they're not as cheap as a second-hand radiator.

The external box you describe is the ARETHA Molinari shown below. It would work with any type of hot-air collector.
However I have no information on how well it works.  Personally I think I would prefer the original type as the ductwork and associated losses are eliminated.  The Molinari version might have some advantages where maintenance or freezing is a concern, though.  

Bear in mind that the ARETHA was originally designed for water heating for third world countries, where sophisticated components are unavailable or expensive.  Hence the radiator.

Solar is like the wind. It may be free, but putting it to work isn't!
Willie, Tampa Bay
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